Winter Solstice 2023 Thursday December 21 9:27 pm cst


Dear, Enduring and Compassionate Children of the Earth,

Winter Solstice is here! We are at the point, in the Northern Hemisphere, when the Great Wheel of the Year experiences the longest night. It's the quiet time, the time to go inward, to reflect and renew.

This point of the year has always been celebrated by sharing. Our ancestors knew we were strongest by reaching out to each other with kindness and compassion.

'Tis better to give than to receive is an old adage. Giving does not necessarily mean having to spend money. Giving of your time, your knowledge, your kindness, sometimes just making eye contact and smiling is giving the gift of yourself.

2023 has been the warmest year our planet has ever experienced. The drumbeat of war and suffering is constant.  And yet, everywhere we look we see people helping people, neighbor sacrificing for neighbor, love being extended at every turn.

As we participate in our Holiday gatherings, we might want to take a moment and step out in Nature on the Winter Solstice, into the quiet and calm that the Earth is creating.

Sending energy down into our roots so we can weather any storm, is the teaching of Mother Nature right now. It calms the body, the mind, and the heart.

And we can all partake of Her Gift.

As the Wheel of the Year turns, I'd like to reflect on my message in our Summer Solstice letter referencing my retirement from one-on-one sessions.

I am enthusiastically putting down new roots to support the way I offer my communication with you all.

My New Practice will include emails with information about upcoming classes and workshops, monthly Full Moon readings as well as the usual Quarterly Equinox and Solstice letter you're used to receiving.

I will also be posting the information to my site
to the Incarnate Astrology Blog and
to our Instagram account @IncarnateAstrology 

In the future, all correspondence from me will come from
Please add that email address to your contacts to avoid it going into your spam folder.

I'm truly excited about moving back into teaching and writing. Please look for an upcoming Zoom Meditation Class on Healing the War Within.

Right now, I'm offering a new online astrology class, How to Read a Natal Chart.


Namaste, Beloved Children of the Earth,


Meeting the Light Completely

Even the long-beloved
was once
an unrecognized stranger.

Just so,
the chipped lip
of a blue-glazed cup,
blown field
of a yellow curtain,
might also,
flooding and falling,
ruin your heart.

A table painted with roses.
An empty clothesline.

Each time,
the found world surprises--
that is its nature.

And then
what is said by all lovers:
"What fools we were, not to have seen."

                                   ...Jane Hirshfield


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