Raise Your Vibration

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Raise Your Vibration: A Three Part Meditation Series

Neurobiologists are beginning to discover what Shamans and Healers have intuitively known:  we don’t just experience life with our brains (that little organ protected by the skull) we experience life with our whole being.  

Raise Your Vibration takes us through the neurobiology of belief.  We are all, literally, hard-wired by past experiences. Our past, and the beliefs created by those past experiences, form a kind of neuro-network that directs our feelings and thoughts along well-worn, habitual pathways.

Using short lectures and guided visualizations, this series guides us through some playful ways of changing our habitual ways of thinking and feeling.  We can change the story we tell ourselves, our expectations and quite literally raise the vibration of our whole physio-psychic system!