Venus Aphrodite

Jun 14th
Mary Swanson

At the fall Equinox we turn toward winter here in the northern hemisphere.  That’s a serious somatic experience even if you never go outside.  Your body responds with apprehension to the darkening of the light, and it wants to contract. When we get to the oppositional halfway point in any cycle we are tempted to contract.  But think about it– if we’re in opposition to something we’re standing right in front of it, looking right at it.

In Astrology, opposition is not so much conflict as it is Complimentary, each side has something the other needs.  Both sides need to understand each other and come into balance.  We invoke Venus at this point of a cycle because Venus, (love, grace, beauty, balance, harmony, all the arts… ) Venus is the collective human experience, the Archetype,  that shows us how to OPEN and RECEIVE.
Venus Aphrodite is the Alchemical Goddess.   This archetype holds our collective understanding of how to deal with opposition, contraction, fear.  This archetypes CHANGES FEAR INTO CREATIVITY. She accepts the energy of the Other, of Mars(Desire) because she authentically finds it beautiful and pleasing.



Venus Aphrodite, aka Isis, Astarte, Sekhmet, Oshun, Freya and thousands of names I haven’t heard yet.  What a diminishment to call her the love goddess even though it IS the experience of love in all it’s forms. But it is anything but a kind of I-dream-of-jeannie-martha-stewart…

Venus isn’t passive in the least.  She fully faces the strength of Desire.  Desire is her sure point, her guiding light. She is the part of us that is curious, engaged, excited and interested.  She doesn’t ask anyone’s permission or wait for approval. She doesn’t concern  herself with any one else’s measurement of worth.  She knows what she finds interesting.  Venus is purely subjective, no one tells her who or what she falls in love with.

When beginning to contract, the ancients tell us, be AUTHENTIC about what you love.

We all want permission to give ourselves with complete abandon to the person or experience that interests us.  We all want to light up and feel completely engaged with life.  Venus is our guide.

She is the part of us that finds itself BY being met. When you feel the freedom to choose what you find beautiful and interesting, you have invoked Venus, your right to love who and what you love.   All else is unimportant.  This archetype is strong and powerful and it’s selfish.  When Venus is present we are having  a sensual, sexual, sensory experience. It’s as if we’re in a spell where the other is the only thing that matters.  She is the golden sparkle of new love, the grand passion and the all-consuming interest. She is unconcerned with past or future.  She is not bound by any law or idealization. She claims the right to give herself with complete abandon to what she is interested in.

By giving Self to the other in that way, by falling in love, we cannot help but create an explosion of energy.  To respond to a person or idea with interest and delight allows connection.  A chemical exchange happens, both are affected and changed by the experience.  It doesn’t matter if you’re a man or woman, Venus is present when something new is created.   Her touch opens an avenue of exchange, a cauldron of creativity, a balancing of yearning with expression and something that has never been here before comes into being.
Venus is the sacred, holy and precious ability to meet life and say “yes, I give myself to you completely!”
She guides us to the Spark, the Orgasm, the Creation of new life.
Venus does not barter herself for anything, she doesn’t make deals.  She chooses what she wants and gives herself to it. She is the part of us that knows what is personally meaningful.  Venus cannot be diverted from her goal.   She is the ability in each of us to get in touch with our own true selves by claiming the right to choose, by opening our selves to something, and finding ourselves enlivened by the experience.
In myth, Venus imbues everything with a golden light, with beauty, and a kind of magnetic attraction that is impossible to resist. She is present in all the arts because the arts teach us how to be authentic.  They bring us to how we really feel.  Relationships are her special field because it is only in relationship to some other that we find out about what we really believe, what we really feel, what we really can say “YES!” to.
When Venus is present we feel vitalized, not drained by our encounter with the Other.  Venus is found where ever growth is generated or vision supported or potential developed or creativity encourage.  The authentic, alchemical creative spark of interacting with something other than yourself.
The energy of venus is real, no matter what you call it.

In science, Venus would be described as non-coercive bonding energy

like electrostatic attraction, or molecular binding or gravity.

Non-coercive bonding is found in the bonding of subatomic particles into atoms, atoms into molecules, molecules into molecular complex cells, into organisms. It’s how life comes into being.

Unions formed by love (non-coercive bonding) are the most stable because they allow people to express what they are, better than they could if the union were absent. This is a very important principle when you are tempted to contract… we are more ourselves because of our interaction with the other.  Saying yes to what you love allows a more authentic expression of yourself.

If you are disconnected from Venus, there’s no harmony, no peace–it’s possible to be so disconnected you’re not aware of wanting anything at all.. An unacknowledged, unintegrated Venus feels like emptiness and apathy.  It is the loss of spontaneity and pleasure and simple self-confidence.   Denying Venus has us merely surviving,  as opposed to deeply enjoying Life.

In all my years of working with people’s energy fields, I’ve noticed that the most difficult thing for any human is to let love in. Not to give it… we’re good with the giving.  But to actually, physically have the experience of letting love into our cellular bodies, is not so easy.  We all have our stories about betrayal and loss and fear.  We all are afraid of the unknown.  It is so hard to say “Yes!” to life.  Venus stands at the portal to the darkening of the light, at the place where we are tempted to contract in fear and She says “Have no fear, you have only to tell the truth about what you love.”