Sky Magic

Oct 6th
Mary Swanson

SkyMagic:  a Year-long journey through the archetypes of the Zodiac with fun visits to Mythology, Meditation, Magical Journaling & Ritual as you align your life with the flow of energies around you.

I am so excited about this collaboration we’re calling Sky Magic!! I’ve working with Laura Tabet and Jena Owen for over 15 years, doing our own personal explorations of Energy, Ritual, Astrology, Art & Magic–all bringing us to personal growth and deep community.

We’re bring these explorations to you in this audio course.  Every month we investigate the archetype of the sign the Sun in entering.  You can step into the class at any time, all our communications are archived, so you can visit when you wish.

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I love this class!  You can jump on at any point during the year
and start working with the archetypes alive at this present moment.