Join Us On Our Magic Sky Journey

May 29th

I’m so excited about this next quarter of our Sky Magic journey! It just gets better every month. I’d love you to come and play with us. It’s an easy way to anchor your month, get in synch with the flow of energy and treat yourself to some easy growth and learning. I’d love to have you as part of this group!!


A Creative Exploration into the Art & Magic of Archetypes through Mythology, Psychology, Astrology, Visualization, Neurobiology and the Natural Flow of Energy.


Magic is a word we use to name all the ways we shape and play with life. Magic is what we call it when we use Intention and Imagination to inspire shifts of perception.

In astrology, the planets are personifications of our inner patterns. Each planet is alive and active in the psyche, in myths, stories, dreams and the deep imagination. And each planet has particular ways it wants to teach us magic! SkyMagic that is.

When we create and collaborate with these astrological myths, dance with the characters in the sky and honor the richly nuanced patterns of the soul, our inner and outer life magically and irrefutably changes…

Join Laura, Jena & me for Sky Magic: A Creative Exploration into the Art & Magic of the Astrology.

  • Connect with your imagination and intuition.

  • Play with the mythic figures of your inner world and cultivate a deeper relationship to the archetypes that form the deepest patterns of human experience.

  • Increase your astrological education. Because truly, if you know the planets you know all the musical notes of astrology.

  • Learn through playful art prompts, meditations, mythic journeys and community learning.

  • Make more magic through ritual, art, and creative intention!

Jump in and Join us! $75/mo. Cancel at any time.
Coming up!
(3/24) Mars, our most Sacred Selfishness, our deepest most true Desires. 
(4/21) Venus, our capacity for thorough enjoyment and satisfaction. 
(5/26) Mercury, our need for stimulation, new information and cross-pollination…


In this yearlong course we:

  • Greet, honor, feed, and enliven the core archetypes of the soul

  • Evoke each planet and place them on our altar for a month

  • Connect to the genius of our inner worlds through active visualization

  • Clear out the cultural and personal beliefs that limit. Explore and expand your experience through playful art prompts

  • Understand how these mythic patterns express (and want to express) uniquely through you. Identify where the magic lives in your life and in your astrology chart.

Week One: Introduction and Meditation to Meet the Archetype with Mary Swanson
Week Two: Art Journaling on the themes with Jenafer Joy
Week Three: Go Deeper Exploration and Meditation with Laura Tabet
Week Four: Summary and Buffet of options.

Curious? See a sample week four email: here.

Hope you’ll join us! Click here to register…