Incarnate Astrology

May 30th
Mary Swanson

Incarnate Astrology is born from the roots of traditional western humanistic astrology informed by alternative and intuitive healing methods, depth psychology, neurobiology, religious anthropology, cultural mythology, as well as the Goddess movement and Ecological feminism of the twentieth century.   

To incarnate means to bring something into physical form, to embody in the flesh. The emphasis of Incarnate Astrology is your full incarnation, how astrology can help you to come fully into your body and your life.  

The Sun represents the soul, the essence, that is coming into physical existence. On the birth chart the Sun is a symbol for the indefinable something that is “you”.  

This indefinable something symbolized by the Sun is not yet fully incarnate.  It is not yet fully embodied.  It is a symbol for the promise of you, someone you are trying to become, not who you already are.

It is the Moon’s placement on the chart that symbolizes how you come into the physicality of being alive. 

The Moon is a symbol for the body of beliefs the Sun incarnates into.  We exist, in a very real sense, within our histories and our beliefs.

Historically, there has been a tendency for some astrologers to use patriarchal, gender binary definitions to interpret the meaning of all the planets, especially the Sun and Moon.

In that interpretation of the Luminaries, the Sun is assigned a male gender role as the active, dominant principle while the Moon is assigned a female gender role as having little agency other than nurturance or receptivity.

Incarnate Astrology views the qualities of the Sun and Moon without a gender binary definition.

We all have the ability to bring something into being and we all have a unique way of doing that, symbolized by the Sun and the Moon.

While the Moon certainly represents facets described in the patriarchal gender role of female as nurturer,  more importantly, the Moon represents the fundamental story of how we believe it is possible to manifest in the physical world.

The Moon and the Sun are equal partners. We do not arrive as a blank slate.  We arrive in a body. 

Incarnate Astrology believes we purposefully incarnate to be in our bodies.

The natal chart is a map that tells us where we are,  a guide to where we need to go, and a continuing unfolding of what we need to consider in order to get there. 

Each planet represents a part of the psyche that is learning and changing and evolving.   

Each astrological house represents an area of life to be explored.  

Each astrological sign represents an innate, natural need.

There is no such thing as a bad sign, aspect, or planet placement. There are conscious and unconscious expressions of different facets of ourselves. 

There are choices we need to make, challenges and shifts of perception we need to meet, and experiences we need to have.  The natal chart is our map to full incarnation.   

  There is no one model for humanness.  Everyone incarnates differently. 

We are all to be respected, loved, and included.