Intuitive Development Series


Each level of the Intuitive Development Series is a set of six classes taught by Mary Swanson.  These classes were edited from live recordings made at the Art House in San Francisco.  Background and street noises are part of the experience.Many Thanks to Tom Lattanand ( for his expert audio engineering. 

Each class includes lectures, meditations, class discussions and homework.  They are structured to help you feel as if you were part of the class. They are also divided into tracks, so you can easily navigate which part of the class you’re listening to.   Once the class is successfully completed, many students like to listen to the meditations again and again.   

Each class is a complete experience that prepares you for the next class.  They are meant to be listened to sequentially.

This set includes:

  • Level 1 - The Basic Laws of Energy
  • Level 2 - Relationships
  • Level 3 - Past Life Awareness
  • Level 4 - Abundance & Prosperity