Intuitive Consulting


As of August, 2021 I am no longer taking new clients for intuitive counseling sessions, but I am taking new clients for Astrological Readings.  Please see my new website at

When you have a session with Mary she’ll be spending an hour with you. Please have yourself in a quiet, private place so you can take full advantage of the deep meditative experience. Mary will be looking, clairvoyantly, at your physio-psychic energy field. Your chakras, aura, astral body, and grounding channel will be showing her information about you and your life. As you begin to converse with Mary about these subjects she will be making adjustments to your energy. Sometimes you can feel these adjustments. They are similar to the shifts in energy felt during an acupuncture session.

More importantly, you will have awareness of how you have been creating your life. People who have worked with Mary have profound changes in their experience of the physical world, their relationships, their jobs, their bodies. They have often said, “It’s like having 6 months of therapy in an hour!”

Working with Mary is an intense experience. Even if you’re not feeling any physical changes, changes are happening. After the session, it is helpful to give yourself some time to process. Take a walk in nature or have a quiet hour to write, meditate or simply observe your thoughts and feelings.

Cost of a Session is $200.

Please Call (847) 563-8713 to schedule an appointment.

Or email at

You have the right to be happy, even when others are not!