Classes And Workshops

INTUITIVE DEVELOPMENT Level One: The Basic Laws of Energy
In Level One you will learn the basics of working with energy:  how to recognize, clear and balance your own energy field.  This is the foundation of all intuitive development— learning to understand your own particular way of sensing energy.
  • Week One:  The Basic Laws of Energy, Grounding and Clearing.
  • Week Two:  The Aura, the Sanctuary and your own Intuitive Voice
  • Week Three:  Guides
  • Week Four:  The 7 Main Chakras
  • Week Five:  Color as Energy
  • Week Six:  Releasing tension from the Analyzer

Please note:  The Classes are in a down-loadable format.  

The CD's are no longer available.

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INTUITIVE DEVELOPMENT Level Two: Relationships

In Level Two you will learn how to work with the energy of Relationships. You will develop a compassionate awareness of the unconscious reasons for your patterns in your relationships. You will learn how to separate energy fields and set appropriate boundaries. As you become more conscious of why you interact the way you do, you will begin to heal the way you relate to everyone, including yourself.

  • Week One:  Learning the Healing Energy of Universal Life Force
  • Week Two:  Earth Energy, Essential Energy & Universal Life Force
  • Week Three:  Contracts and Agreements
  • Week Four:  Contracts in the Clearing
  • Week Five:  Your Own Heart
  • Week Six:  Layers of the Aura
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INTUITIVE DEVELOPMENT Level Three: Past Life Awareness

In Level Three you will learn about your Past Lives. In these six classes we go deep into our understanding of the patterns in our lives. We learn about the Astral Body, the Akashic records, our own Record Keeper and how to heal past life experiences. As we learn to observe the relationship between experience and our unconsciously held beliefs, we come to a greater understanding of how we create our own lives.

  • Week One: Introduction to the Astral Body
  • Week Two: The Personal Akashic Records
  • Week Three: Past Life Healing
  • Week Four: How Past Lives Effect the Present
  • Week Five: Healing a Past Life Death
  • Week Six: Integration of Past Life Awareness
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INTUITIVE DEVELOPMENT Level Four: Abundance & Prosperity

In Level Four you will learn how to create abundance and prosperity in your life. It is the culmination of the first year of study in the Intuitive Development Series. You will learn to combine compassion with awareness to create the life you truly desire.

  • Week One:  Balancing Male/Female energy
  • Week Two:  The Energy of Compassion
  • Week Three:  Rebirthing
  • Week Four:  The 8th Chakra
  • Week Five:  Prosperity Gauge
  • Week Six:  Tonglen Breathing 
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Intuitive Development Series

Each level of the Intuitive Development Series is a set of six classes taught by Mary Swanson.  These classes were edited from live recordings made at the Art House in San Francisco.  Background and street noises are part of the experience.Many Thanks to Tom Lattanand ( for his expert audio engineering. 

Each class includes lectures, meditations, class discussions and homework.  They are structured to help you feel as if you were part of the class. They are also divided into tracks, so you can easily navigate which part of the class you’re listening to.   Once the class is successfully completed, many students like to listen to the meditations again and again.   

Each class is a complete experience that prepares you for the next class.  They are meant to be listened to sequentially.

This set includes:

  • Level 1 - The Basic Laws of Energy
  • Level 2 - Relationships
  • Level 3 - Past Life Awareness
  • Level 4 - Abundance & Prosperity
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Raise Your Vibration

Raise Your Vibration: A Three-Part Meditation Series Neurobiologists are beginning to discover what Shamans and Healers have intuitively known:  we don’t just experience life with our brains (that little organ protected by the skull) we experience life with our whole being.  

Raise Your Vibration takes us through the neurobiology of belief.  We are all, literally, hard-wired by past experiences. Our past, and the beliefs created by those past experiences, form a kind of neuro-network that directs our feelings and thoughts along well-worn, habitual pathways.

Using short lectures and guided visualizations, this series guides us through some playful ways of changing our habitual ways of thinking and feeling.  We can change the story we tell ourselves, our expectations and quite literally raise the vibration of our whole physio-psychic system!   


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Anxiety Meditation

We all know what anxiety feels like…the tight jaw, incomplete breath, pressure in the solar plexus, headache…. This 72 minute guided visualization will help you let go of whatever’s causing you anxiety and open the way for inspiration to occur. You can use this meditation for a specific cause of anxiety or just to help you feel better!

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Astrological Reading


Whether you would like to discuss your birth chart, or if you are interested in the future effects of planets and your chart, this reading will provide a new perspective on your life. 

Sessions are an hour by phone. We will deeply explore the themes of your life, discuss past experiences and look towards events and stories to expect in the upcoming year. Each reading is tailored specifically to you.  

You are free to record our session. 

Cost: $250.00

Please Call (847) 563-8713 to schedule an appointment.

Or email at

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Free Grounding Meditation

Free Grounding Meditation!

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