Autumnal Equinox 2021 Wed. 9/22 at 3:20 PM EDT



Dear, Darling and Sensitive Children of the Earth,

The Autumnal Equinox is here!  The First Day of Fall has arrived.  The Time when Day and Night are of equal length is upon us!  The Sun is rising later than it has been and setting earlier too.  We can feel the Wheel of the Year turning.

Fall Equinox is the time in the Northern Hemisphere when we turn inward to prepare for the long nights ahead.  Traditionally, this is a time to give thanks, share our bounty and strengthen our ties with family and friends. 

The Harvest Moon, apples, pumpkins and squash are filling out.  Seeds and nuts are spilling everywhere.  Leaves are releasing the light they've stored all year in heart-rendering displays of color.

In the Pagan world, we look to Mother Nature to teach us how to be in Life.  Equinox is a Sacred time to pause our normal routine and notice where we are, what we're doing with our lives and how we need to prepare for the future.

If we step outside right now, there is a gentle transition of energy returning to the Earth going on.  As the days begin to shorten, they also soften in a way.  Nature gives away everything she has, gently letting go.

This year, Equinox happens two days after the Full Moon in Pisces, the Harvest Moon.  The planet Neptune, also in Pisces, is traveling with the Moon and both are opposite the Sun.

This is a super sensitive, deeply feeling combination of planets.  The Moon (our feelings, our sense of being safe) and Neptune (our sensitivity and capacity for compassion) are both colored by Pisces (empathy and kindness).  

In the language of Astrology, having these planets in opposition to the Sun (our Sense of Self, our Identity) doesn't necessarily mean they are adversaries.  Both sides of the opposition need to find a way to integrate, to acknowledge, accept and find ways to work together.

Neptune, the Moon and Pisces are all associated with the element of Water and we've certainly been seeing the imbalance of too much and too little water.  In Magical thinking, Water is associated with Emotions and we may be sensing the imbalance within ourselves of too much and too little.

Instead of overwhelm, confusion or intolerant feelings, we can all choose to allow our Sense of Self (our Inner Sun) to include the qualities of gentleness and compassion.  For ourselves and for others.

Wherever we find ourselves on this Equinox, we can take a moment to go outside, breathe... and allow kindess to be a part of how we know ourselves.




For Nothing is Fixed

For nothing is fixed,
forever, forever, forever,
it is not fixed;
the earth is always shifting,
the light is always changing
the sea does not cease to grind down rock.
Generations do not cease to be born,
and we are responsible to them
because we are the only witness they have.
The sea rises, the light fails,
lovers cling to each other,
and children cling to us.
The moment we cease to hold each other,
the moment we break faith with one another,
the sea engulfs us and the light goes out.

                                  ... James Baldwin


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