Mary Swanson

Mary Swanson Intuitive Consultant

As of August, 2021 I am no longer taking new clients for intuitive counseling sessions, but I am taking new clients for Astrological Readings.  Please see my new website at

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I’ve been a practicing intuitive consultant since graduating from the Academy of Intuition Medicine ® in Sausalito, CA in 1994. In my practice, I’ve had the privilege of working with hundreds and hundreds of amazingly wonderful people. Delving deep into their unconscious beliefs while exploring their energy fields, I help them learn to take responsibility for how they create their lives.

We can all move from a place of feeling victimized by the events of our lives to healing the trauma of those events. Each of us has the ability to end our own suffering and manifest our lives in a compassionate, creative and vital way.

One thing I’ve come to understand from participating in thousands of one-on-one sessions, classrooms and workshops is that we all have the right to our own experience. I’m not here to tell you what to think or feel. My role is to help you find yourself. As a healer, teacher and facilitator, my intention always is to help you uncover your Authentic Self.

My history involves the study of Poetry and Theatre as a Writer, Director, Producer and Publisher. Astrology, ancient Mythology, Literature, Pre-patriarchal History, Buddhism, Wicca, Native American Mythology and Spiritual practices, Physics, Drawing, Painting, Dreams, Psychology, Movement, Yoga and Sound Healing have also been my teachers. I have two wonderful daughters and a brilliant grandson, dear family and friends who continually teach me about being authentic and showing up.

Through all my journeys, I’ve been fortunate to find teachers who could show me that every belief, action, emotion and thought… is really energy. And Energy Is Real Stuff.

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